Mind & Metrics Now an Advertising Partner for Hulu and Amazon

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 3:07pm UTC

The agency now offers ad services with a wider reach.


Brooklyn, New York, February 21, 2023: Digital transformation agency Mind & Metrics has just announced that they are partnered with Hulu Advertising and Amazon Advertising. The agency is now able to offer their clients ad campaigns on these major platforms.

With these partnerships, “we are able to reach more people across the customer journey,” said Lica Wouters, founder and CEO of Mind and Metrics. Advertising on Hulu and Amazon opens up opportunities for Mind & Metrics clients to reach millions of additional prospects. Hulu has about 58 million ad-supported subscribers, and retail giant Amazon has over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide. Both offer options for building highly targeted campaigns.

Hulu has recently released the beta version of their self-serve Ad Manager, which provides users with a powerful suite of tools to target their ad campaigns and customize how their ads are shown to Hulu users. The Ad Manager accommodates companies with smaller advertising budgets, and gives them access to the same media buying options as large, more expensive media buying organizations. Companies that take advantage of this new way of advertising could see their ad ROI grow to new heights.

Mind & Metrics is excited to be able to offer their clients ways to reach their ideal customers on the platforms that matter to them. If you are looking to get started with advertising on these platforms, or want to learn more about Mind and Metrics book a meeting on the website today.

About Mind & Metrics: Mind & Metrics is a full-service digital transformation agency that helps companies utilize the most innovative digital tools to align their teams, make data-backed decisions, and build customer-centric experiences that drive growth. Services include paid media strategy, content strategy, CX strategy, email marketing, social media management, video marketing, and sales enablement.

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