Feel, Behave, Think − The Pathway to Human Decision Making, a new book which seeks to demystify the powerful impact of emotion on decision making, published by the Maru Group

Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 3:00pm UTC

TORONTO and LONDON, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maru Group (‘Maru’), the experience & insights platform, has published Feel, Behave, Think − The Pathway to Human Decision Making. This important new book written by Todd Trautz, Maru’s chief innovation and solution officer, is a must-read for the marketing and insights sectors. Its story-driven approach uses practical examples and anecdotes in an engaging narrative to help readers understand the behavioral science behind how and why consumers make decisions that are so disconnected from what they tell us when asked.

The book explores the pathway to human decision making, where first we feel, then behave, and lastly, we think. Trautz guides the reader on a journey into the decision processes of the mind to truly understand the power of emotion. Through this exploration, he provides real-world tools and applications that will enlighten your understanding of the consumer and provide actionable business outcomes. If you have heard of System 1 but are not quite sure why it is important or if emotion is the elusive element that is missing from your insights, this book will enrich your knowledge.

“For far too long, the insights industry has focused almost exclusively on behavioral and attitudinal measures while overlooking the tremendous impact emotion has on our decisions and why we just can’t accurately express why we do what we do. Todd has done a brilliant job explaining the behavioral science that underpins this challenge and presents a path forward that will unlock insights previously beyond our reach,” said Maru CEO Ged Parton.

“Every year, eight out of 10 new product launches fail despite input from consumer insights and support from brand marketing. What is missing? Despite the wealth of behavioral science that demonstrates that emotions play the dominant role in decision making. We are so busy asking consumers what they think, and how they may behave, that we ignore the true impetus of decision making, how they feel,” says Trautz.

Feel, Behave, Think - The Pathway to Human Decision Making is available for purchase on Amazon.

About the author

Maru Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer Todd Trautz is an industry thought leader with more than 20 years developing products and leading client relationships in the insights and marketing sector. He prides himself on making the complex simple. His in-depth knowledge of clients' needs and consumer behavior is the fuel that fires the development of solutions that lead to better business outcomes.

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