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Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 11:07am UTC

An Emerging Markets Sponsored Commentary

ORLANDO, Fla, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health care is always changing, evolving, endeavoring to be better for the patient and to be more profitable for the providers. In a perfect world, these separate needs align.

Rarely do they.

Today’s featured Company, Vinergy Capital Inc. (the "Company" or "Vinergy") (CSE:VIN, OTCQB:VNNYF, FSE:1V7), has a plan for and is aggressively investing in what could be the next generation of ultra personalized and profitable health care designed to be a win/win for all involved.

Let’s start with the recognition that the health care experience for many Americans is wholly unsatisfying. Complaints range from misdiagnosis to horrible wait times. It can literally add insult to injury.

And the reality is that many patients are willing to pay a premium for better, more efficient care. Using concierge doctors or paying cash to see a preferred specialist out of your insurance’s plan are common choices. The market appetite is clear.

Enter into the equation the power of Artificial Intelligence which can dramatically enhance margins and the health care experience. That’s Vinergy’s core mission and the AI Healthcare market isn’t just clear, it’s enormous.

One recent research report by a firm completely unrelated to Vinergy projects that the “Worldwide Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Size is expected to reach USD 280.77 Billion by 2032.” (source link.)

To this end, earlier this month Vinergy announced that it has a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire a 4% interest in a health care AI Platform (AIP) that has developed a cutting edge FDA and HIPAA compliant data and analysis platform specifically for drug development and laboratory applications. Better yet, the AIP is already generating revenue from its intellectual property and products with blue chip customers, which for us inspires some real confidence.

If the Company is already earning, then the tech is proven in the marketplace. If it’s proven by blue chip customers, well then, that’s an order of magnitude more confidence inspiring.

Too often we see great ideas sold as earners that are still in a nascent, beta, or concept state especially in white-hot markets like A.I.

Not here.

And it doesn’t hurt that we had all this explained to us by a veteran health care executive and Yale lecturer who has come on board at Vinergy and has been appointed to the investment committee of the Company and will act as its Chair. 

If the LOI consummates, and it’s a reasonable expectation that it will, it will add to a compelling AI/Health Care portfolio that recently added another A.I. significant piece vis-à-vis purchasing nearly half of Healthcare Accretion Group which was founded by a diverse assemblage of professionals with backgrounds that include elite institutions like Yale/New Haven Hospital, Harvard, Cornell and more. This team has come together in this unique time to lever the quickly burgeoning potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to healthcare services market.

Again, Vinergy and its shareholders own 49% of the Company now.

We intend to publish more going forward about the Company’s plans to use AI to change outcomes for patients and providers as more develops.

But right now we wanted to make a first introduction to a Company full of smart minds looking to put smart money into one of the deepest verticals on the planet.

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